Types of Coffee Drinks – Coffee Varieties

Choosing a new coffee variety can be a very challenging task! There are just so many different varieties of coffee available today that whether you are in the shops or in a bistro, you can often left confused as to which is the right one for you. It can be just so confusing to really know the different coffee varieties because there are lots of them available today. However, if you want to know more about some different varieties, read on and you might find a few surprises along the way.

The Americano and Traditional Black Coffee

These are fast becoming some of the most popular types of coffee drinks. So, with the Americano this is just a simple but lovely shot of espresso! This is usually served in a smallish cup with lots of hot water with a massive shot of espresso added to the taste. It is actually steamed which really gives you a great shot of caffeine.

However, with the traditional black coffee, it’s quite different. This drink is served without any milk and no sugar or sweeteners either; however, this can be full flavored. This drink is usually the one you have in the morning and the morning mug of coffee is always very popular because it’s the first thing you usually drink.

Lattes, Breva and Au Lait

These café drinks are certainly some of the latest drinks available today; though they are fast becoming very popular for coffee drinkers. So, with a traditional latte, you will find this is steamed milk with espresso; in fact with this drink, you get more milk than coffee. However, with a café Breva, you are getting a lovely cappuccino. This is made without traditional whole milk rather instead half and half milk; this is so you can get a creamier taste.

With the Café Au Lait, it can be quite similar to the traditional latte. However, with these drinks, you will find they aren’t made with espresso but brewed coffee. The taste isn’t as strong either because you get an equal amount of milk and coffee.

Cappuccino and Café Macchiato

Both of these coffee drinks are lovely. Though, with the cappuccino, you are getting a combination of frothy milk, steamed milk and espresso – all of these are equal amounts which offers a lovely rich flavor. However, the drink can be finished with sprinkles of chocolate or cinnamon to get some additional taste. It can be a very rich coffee drink and it’s a popular café drink.

With the Macchiato, you will find that you get more coffee than milk. The coffee taste is definitely stronger so there is less milk added to the brew but even still, it can be a strong but tasty option.

A Double Espresso

This is a lovely espresso drink because with this, it’s a double espresso. This is very simple but it is also a great way to get your fill of morning caffeine. These drinks are very popular and they can be quite tasty as well. For more information read our latest blog post at over here.

Lots of Choice

The great thing about coffee drinks is that there are lots of them to choose from! That is right, you really do have lots of amazing varieties to choose from which is amazing because if you don’t like one or two options, there are many more available. The only thing you have to worry about is testing them out to see which coffee or latte you love most.

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