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New England To Italian: Do You Know Your Coffee Roasts?

Knowing the different from one coffee roast to another can be difficult especially if you aren’t a huge coffee enthusiast. However, it can still be important to get to know the different coffee roasts available to you. So do you really know what the differences are between a Vienna roast and a dark roast? Maybe but maybe you don’t know the particulars and if you don’t, it can be extremely tough to find the taste that you love. So shouldn’t you get to know each roast in order to find the very best for you?

Why Learning Different Coffee Roasts Can Be Important In Different Regions

To be honest, in order to find a great flavor, the way the coffee grounds have been processed can make a big difference. If you want to get a particular roast you would need to find the right variety and brew it correctly. However if you don’t brew it correctly you might not be able to achieve that roast and remember, the flavor comes from the roast.

Even if you are choosing an Italian roast, you are going to find that from region to region, there are different local roasts. The tastes are different and it is the same in almost every country because different regions have their own special blends that they prefer. This is why when you are looking for the perfect K Cup; it might taste different in one region to the next.

The Differences of A Light and Medium Roast

With a light coffee roast, you are going to find that the shade of the coffee is lighter. The light brown shade can often remind you of cinnamon; and the light roasts develop a light brown shade because of the toasted grain. Light roasts do offer more caffeine because the coffee has been roasted for less time however the tastes can still be strong and nice.

With a medium coffee roast, you will find that there is a darker shade of brown. The flavors are close to being fruity however but do offer a lovely balance in the taste. If you are making a medium roast from scratch it should be completed once the first crack of the coffee bean has completed.

The Differences between a Medium Dark Roast and Dark Roast Coffee
When you use a medium dark roast, you will have a chocolaty shade. However, this will produce fruity flavors and sometimes, a spicier taste as well. Though, this can be a great blend when making a Pacific coffee because of the great combination of taste and sophistication. However, the body of the coffee can be a little heavier.

Coffee Roasts

With a dark roast, the shade can often be completely black in shade. This is because it has been roasted for the longest possible time; however, you do get a lovely smoky taste if not a bitter taste. However, this does mean that the caffeine intake from these roasts is considerably lower than most other roast types. The beans have been roasting for much longer.

Choosing the Right Blend

In the end, it is really going to be your choice which roasts you want to choose. However, it can be very important to know the difference from one to the other because if you want to find a great blend knowing the differences between each roast is important. It is possible to get the perfect K cup if you get to know different roasts.

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