ICED COFFEE. All I have to say is… move over Starbucks! Depending on the size of your serving glasses, this recipe will make 2-4 servings.

How to Make Perfect Iced Coffee At Home

Everyone wants to know how to make the perfect iced coffee in the comfort of their own home. So what is the answer? Is it even possible to make a great tasting ice coffee from home? Of course though if you don’t make the ice coffee correctly then it can taste awful and go horribly wrong!

Find the Perfect Coffee

Now, before you even attempt to make your perfect coffee, you need to find the very best coffee. There are lots of varieties to choose from but that said there are some which are much better to use than some other coffee varieties. If you can, try to locate some great South American varieties; Brazilian coffee really does work wonders when you’re creating a lovely ice coffee.

You don’t need to choose a South American variety but it is something to consider. If you wish to choose your normal blend that is really up to but if you want to be a little more adventurous, Brazilian is a great coffee variety.

Brew Your Coffee Stronger

When you have iced drinks, you are going to find the flavors aren’t as strong as what they would be without ice. That works the same with coffees, so you might want to brew your coffee stronger than what you would normally brew. You could double the strength in order to retain that flavor. Of course, for your first attempt, you could just add a small amount extra – you might find that you like the dull flavor of ice coffee without a full on flavor of coffee.

Make Your Own Ice Cubes

This might seem a little strange but if you make your own coffee ice cubes, it could do a lot for your flavor. Now, it is very simple to make these ice cubes because you will add coffee grounds to the ice cube tray and water. This can be really good to help you retain more coffee flavors – if you so wish – you don’t need to do this if you don’t want but it’s a good step to try.

Don’t Put Coffee in the Fridge

You might think that you can make up a fresh batch of coffee, fill up your cup and put the rest into the fridge for later. However, this is not how you can make the perfect coffee from home. As soon as you put your coffee into the fridge, you will find it loses its flavor so avoid this at all costs. You can of course use the coffee later if you really want to but don’t put it in a cooler or fridge.

Add Your Ice to Your Mug First

Whilst you’re making your coffee, add the ice cubes into your glass first. If you so wish to add cream or sugar, you can but ensure that the coffee is the last thing into your glass. You can add your coffee ice cubes or just normal ice cubes, whichever you want to use. Once the ice has been added, you can pour in your coffee.

ICED COFFEE. All I have to say is… move over Starbucks! Depending on the size of your serving glasses, this recipe will make 2-4 servings.
Iced Coffee

The last step has to be adding a touch of fresh milk. This helps to offer a little more taste; though it can taste great without. It’s your choice whether you want to add any cream, milk and sugar. If you don’t want to add sugar, you don’t need to; that also goes with milk and cream to your iced coffee.

First Attempts Don’t Always Go Right

To be honest, if you are making an ice coffee for the very first time then you might find it doesn’t work out as planned. This can often happen but first attempts don’t always go smoothly, it may take a few attempts to get the coffee right but you will get it right eventually. You will love an iced coffee – don’t be afraid to try one today.

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