BIG Coffee Mug

Big Coffee Mugs

Only a small group of people do not start their day with a mug of coffee. Most households today use mugs on a daily basis for drinking coffee or even for hot milk drinks at night before bedtime. Nowadays you get big coffee mugs and small coffee mugs in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and themes which allows you to personalize it to your preference. The great thing about the big coffee mugs is that they allow for a larger serving, which means you can fill less cups of coffee during the day.

Big coffee mugs also make the perfect gift to those who are big coffee lovers. Personalized big coffee mugs filled with chocolates, cookies or even biltong, wrapped in cellophane are a gift which is appreciated by any coffee lover. You can also engrave the name of the recipient or a special message on the mugs to give it a more personal touch. If you want to be a bit more creative, you can even add a photo of the recipient on the mug or you can buy a mug related to the coffee drinker’s favorite hobby or sports team. Go to for more information.

Another great idea is to give big coffee mugs with your company name and logo on it away, especially when you want to promote your business. Most receivers will appreciate this and start using their mug the same day because the promotional coffee mugs are most of the time larger than the normal coffee mug you get. As a bonus, these promotional coffee mugs offer you a much easier grip on the handle, so why drink a small cup of coffee if you have a few big coffee mugs on hand. Coffee mugs with your company name and logo on them and filled with a pen, key ring and some nicely wrapped homemade cookies or chocolates are also the perfect seasonal gift to employees.

BIG Coffee Mug

The uses for big coffee mugs are endless. They make the ideal promotional items to give away, birthday gifts, rewards, fundraising items, interesting and unique containers for microwave baked chocolate puddings, drinks, etc. If you do not feel like going shopping for coffee mugs at your local stores you can always do your shopping online in the comfort of your home on your own time. You will definitely find some exciting big coffee mugs online since there are hundreds of online stores selling mugs at reasonable prices. For more details, read her latest blog post.

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